Fell Races

  •      THE FELL RACE

    The annual fell race for the club starts at the Royal Hotel at Dockray at 11.00 am (had previously been 1.00pm) on the day of the Club Dinner.

    The Race runs round Gowbarrow, passing over the summit and starting and finishing at the Royal.  The route can be done in either direction.  Food can be purchased afterwards in the Hotel.


    Fell Race Results – all years to 2017 

    2017 Race – 14th January 2017

    A rather frosty day but great for being on the fells – with 11 running and 18 cheering on the sidelines  and felltops.

    Jane Meeks (first everv lady winner !!!)  46.39
    Phil Blanshard 47.23
    Duncan Campbell 48.45
    Alex Heron 48.52
    Belinda Lloyd 54.10
    John Davis  55.44
    Ron Kenyon 60.46
    John Trengrove 61.25
    Johnny Wilson 62.01
    Rob Illingworth  65.19
    Julian Davey  70.10

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    2016 Race – 7th February 2016

    Duncan Campbell 45-45
    Phil Blanshard 46-35
    Iain Steele 46-45
    Belinda Lloyd 55-03
    Johnny Wilson 58-07
    Meg 58-07 (though she was hampered by having to wait for Johnny)
    Steph Marshall 60-06
    Ron Kenyon 64-14
    Eric Parker 73-03
    The weather turned to be not too bad for the race.  - three new faces (Duncan, Iain and Steph) lined up on the start line not quite sure what they had let themselves into.  Belinda stormed away to an early lead.  Duncan, who had not run for yonks came home first, and teh ever competitive Phil just pipped Iain to second place.  Steph paid an unintentional visit to look at Aira Force (from the bottom) and not sure if Johnny should be disqualified with the help given by Meg.  Well done all. Shame Al was not able to run – he has only missed two since the runs started so many years ago.
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    2015 Race – 10th January 2015

    Britain was being buffeting by winds this day and there was the odd “flurry” of white passing by.  11 lined up for the race with a number of cheer leaders along the course. The white stuff came in near the end to help with the “enjoyment”. Andrew Blenshard lead the way and came home to win in 44.00 – followed by father Phil in 46.45.  The Baums had a close battle with Jane (47.10) just beating Gary (47.11).  The new clockwise route was taken and most went the right way though Steve Tinworth went over a bridge and presumably back over one somewhere !  Well done to all


    2014 RACE   – 8th February

    Probably the wettest run ever.  Not many people seen on the route – no idea what they must have thought of the five battling round.  Well done to Gary, Alex, Al, Ron and John  - and thanks to the support teams of Jane, Linda and Margery